How Do The French Decorate Their Homes For Christmas?

In France, Christmas decorating is quite popular. Numerous homes, public areas, and commercial establishments are decked up for Christmas with lights and trees. For the first Sunday of Advent, fir and pine tree branches are used to make Advent wreaths, or couronnes de l’Avent.

Similarly, How do the French decorate their houses for Christmas?

adorning a Christmas tree with tinsel, decorations, and lights; covering the mantelpiece with forest greens, golden baubles, and pine cones; building a lovely nursery; Reliquaries and other Christmas-themed sculptures may be put on window sills or displayed within the home.

Also, it is asked, What is the most popular Christmas decorations in France?

The crèche is by far the most popular Christmas decoration in France (nativity scene). Every year in Marseille and Aix, where sizable Christmas fairs are held, numerous lovely handcrafted santons (small saint) statues are manufactured and sold.

Secondly, Why do the French put shoes under the Christmas tree?

Père Noel’s fireplace French kids used to stuff their shoes with sweets and carrots for Père Noel’s donkey on Christmas Eve and set them by the fireplace. The Christmas tree has taken the place of the fireplace more lately.

Also, What are some French traditions?

15 very French traditions that are completely foreign to the rest of the world Never bring alcohol to a meal with guests. Make an effort to be at least 15–20 minutes late. kiss, kiss. Say hello and goodbye every day. You’ll need to request ice. the skill of playing down a praise. brave till the very end. Pick up a baguette.

People also ask, What do the French do on Christmas Eve?

In France, the customary Christmas church service is conducted on Christmas Eve. It generally starts at midnight or a few hours earlier and is referred to as the Midnight Mass. Chants de Noel, or Christmas songs, are sung by groups of people in cathedrals and churches around the nation.

Related Questions and Answers

What do the French eat for Xmas dinner?

A huge roasted “dinde” is usually always the main dish at French Christmas, much as the turkey is at Thanksgiving (turkey). A typical French Christmas turkey is stuffed with chestnuts and served with roasted potatoes, chestnuts, and sometimes baked apples.

Do French use Christmas stockings?

Why not a stocking instead of a shoe? The beloved Christmas stocking custom of the British isn’t generally practiced in France; instead, kids leave out their shoes and boots for St. Nicholas. However, both customs have the same origin.

Do the French have Christmas stockings?

In France, it is customary for kids to hang their shoes in front of the fireplace in lieu of Christmas stockings in the hopes that Father Christmas or Papa Noel would fill them with trinkets. Clogs were originally used as firewood, which explains why you may often see chocolate clogs in bakeries.

What is Christmas Eve called in France?

A Christmas Eve night

One of the most popular French holidays is Bastille Day, which falls on July 14. This is a national holiday in France, or what many other nations consider to be Independence Day. The storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, is commemorated as Bastille Day.

What do French people do on the 24th of December?

Families gather to celebrate Christmas in France on the evening of December 24. Festive French cuisine and wines are served. This supper is the best illustration of the French practice of eating leisurely and deliberately, which you may have heard about. Up to six hours might pass between courses.

Do they have presents in France?

The custom of giving Christmas gifts spread across all French households in the years after World War II, commencing in Paris.

What is the name of Santa Claus wife?

In his 1849 book “Mysteries of City Life,” which examined a number of customs, James Rees created her. Although Mrs. Claus is known in popular culture by the name Jessica, Rees is the first to give her the name Gertrude in his novels.

Do French give Christmas cards?

In France, Christmas cards are less prevalent; instead of expressing “Joyeux Nol,” individuals and businesses would write “Bonne année.” However, both of these are known as cartes de voeux.

Capon or turkey with stuffing made of chestnuts The most well-known and traditional Christmas dish is this one. Roasted in the oven with a hearty chestnut filling is capon or turkey.

What do the French eat on the 24th of December?

A smaller dinner is often served on December 24th, such as finger foods like foie gras on toast (we commonly refer to them as “des canapés,” which is also the French term for couch, which is kind of funny!). , maybe some fancy French, perhaps some smoked salmon toasts (my father-in-law cooks salmon himself, so we eat a lot of it during the holidays!! ).

What is the name of the special meal eaten late at night on Christmas Eve in France?

Christmas Eve celebration

Why do the French eat 13 desserts?

The Last Supper was attended by Jesus and his twelve disciples, and there were thirteen desserts. There must, according to custom, be at least thirteen sweets on hand. Each visitor is required to eat at least a little portion of each dessert when they are all offered at once.

What do French children place by the fireplace on the night of the 5th December?

The feast day of Saint Nicholas is December 6. Children put their shoes by the fireplace the night before (the fifth) along with a carrot or sugar lump for Saint Nicholas’ donkey.

Is Santa real?

He is modeled after St. Nicholas of Myra, a fourth-century bishop in that little Roman town, according to Christian tradition. Legends of miracles Nicholas worked for the underprivileged and miserable were born from his reputation for generosity and benevolence.

What you should not do in France?

15 things visitors to France should never do Never Undervalue the Power of a Few French Words. Never use a wild wave to get a waiter’s attention. Try to avoid talking louder than other people, especially at night. Never leave your phone out when out with friends for coffee or a meal.

What represents French culture?

French Ideals The French place a high value on equality and cohesion. The French are proud of their nation’s beauty and artistic talent, and they place a high value on elegance and refinement. Family is another important aspect of French society.


Christmas in France is a time of celebration, with people decorating their homes to celebrate the holiday. Traditions include Christmas trees and presents.

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