How To Decorate A Cape Cod Home?

Similarly, What is Cape Cod style decorating?

These houses have double-hung windows with wood shutters, high gabled roofs, and big dormer windows. A Cape Cod-style house must also have symmetrical clapboard siding or wood shingle siding in addition to being one and a half storeys with an open attic for sailors to live in.

Also, it is asked, How do you modernize the exterior of a Cape Cod home?

Contents Include a lovely fence. Install larger windows. Use planter boxes to enhance the appearance of windows. Invest in new shutters or repaint them. Decorate your outside space simply. Just a little of color might be added with flowers. Make the original wood siding visible.

Secondly, Why are Cape Cod houses so popular?

Cape Cods are easy to maintain, easy to heat, and good candidates for expansions. Since its modest beginnings in the 17th century, when they were born in—you guessed it—Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the reasons for their appeal haven’t altered.

Also, How do you make a traditional house exterior look modern?

17 Ideas for Remodeling and Renovating Your Exterior Home erect fiber cement siding. Introduce Accent Sections. Apply a brand-new coat of paint. Utilize a Bold Trim Color. Revisit your roof. Include a porch. Add a little of texture. Change out your shutters.

People also ask, How can I make the outside of my house look better?

16 Simple Ways to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home Turn green. Adding some new greenery and flowers is one of the easiest (and most effective) ways to improve curb appeal. Maintain your yard. Activate the door. Light up, please. Accept symmetry. Renovate your mailbox. Purge the gutters. Decorate the entrance door.

Related Questions and Answers

Do Cape Cod houses always have dormers?

A Cape Cod style home often has two or more dormers, in contrast to the American Foursquare or other Colonial Revival home designs that feature one centered dormer on the roof. But dormers come in many colors and sizes.

What are the traditional colors for a Cape Cod house?

Ochre, brown, reddish-brown, and eventually blue and green were extremely typical hues for Cape Cod homes with clapboards on the front. These pigments were only available throughout the Federal and Georgian Colonial eras. Siding that is also white, beige, blue-grey, and red may be seen on Capes constructed in the 20th century.

What color is Cape Cod blue?

a medium gray-blue

What is Cape Cod known for?

Sand beaches, lobster rolls, and casual fun are Cape Cod’s most well-known attractions. However, the Cape and Islands have also served as the inspiration for a number of amazing, distinctive companies and goods that are based on beach living. Read our “Made on Cape Cod” blog, which features several local companies.

What style house sells best?

Ranch-style homes now have the greatest sale-to-list ratio in a select number of cities, which indicates that these homes are more likely to sell for more than the list price.

What is the difference between a Cape Cod and Cape Ann style home?

a rectangular home with a shingled mansard roof rather than a shingled gable roof, often one or one and a half floors high and resembling a Cape Cod home.

Do Cape Cod houses have attics?

The middle of the home often has a thin horizontal ceiling that is met by the sloping ceiling portions. Most Capes feature tiny third-floor attics that are too small to stand up in and triangular attics behind the second-floor kneewalls.

How many bathrooms are in a Cape Cod house?

Depending on the size of the home, the second floor of a Cape Cod may feature one to two baths and two to four bedrooms.

Do Cape Cod style homes have basements?

Many Cape Cod houses constructed in the 20th century had basements. The early and middle 1900s saw a resurgence in enthusiasm for numerous Colonial Revival style residences, notably the Cape Cod, even if this design ultimately gave way to bigger, Georgian Colonial and Federal style homes, then the Victorian.

Does curb appeal increase home value?

It’s true that first impressions count, particularly when it comes to selling a house, as you’ve surely heard. A property with landscaping and attention paid to curb appeal may improve perceived home value by 5 to 11 percent, citing a Michigan State University research. A property may sell more quickly with good curb appeal.

How do you style a front door?

Curb Appeal: 10 Front Door Design Ideas Make It Friendly. Put a Pop of Color to Your Front Door. Homemade House Numbers Organize your landscaping. Plants Will Give It Life. Decorative Doorbells Pay attention to your front walkway or path. Door handles should complement your decor.

How much does it cost to dormer a Cape Cod?

ranging from $110 to $150 per square foot.

How much does it cost to dormer A Cape house?

A Cape Cod-style home will typically cost between $110 and $150 per square foot to install dormers. Although a hipped or shed will cost less, gable dormers are preferred by most homeowners for this kind of house.

What is a Cape Cod house look like?

A Cape Cod home is a low, wide, one or two-story frame structure with a big central chimney, a somewhat steep-pitched gable roof, and very little adornment.

How tall is a two story Cape Cod house?

Both the first and second levels have 7 1/2 foot ceilings. This height must be at the roof peak, which is the highest point of a very steeply pitched roof, on the second story.

What color house is hardest to sell?

Check out this list of the four worst colors to paint your house before picking up the paintbrush. Eggshell or off-white. When you’re in the home improvement shop, white hues can seem like a sure thing, but it doesn’t mean that purchasers will love them. a deep brown. Tools for Successful Investing. Terracotta. gray slate.

What is Cape Cod style interior?

Thick stripes, nautical themes, and delicate flowers are often seen in Cape Cod upholstery and fabric patterns. Particularly when employing organic textures like burlap, old linen, or grasscloth, rustic quilted textiles with embroidery may lend a homey vibe.


A Cape Cod Home is a unique style of home that has been popular for decades. Learn how to decorate your cape cod home with these designs and pictures.

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