How To Decorate A Temple At Home?

Similarly, How can I color my temple at home?

A suitable color scheme for your house temple to adorn your pooja room is pale yellow and vivid blue. To beautify the area, you might set up a colorful puja asan. According to vastu, you may increase the beneficial energy in your pooja room by using a pyramid-shaped structure.

Also, it is asked, How can I decorate my pooja room easily?

Trim the temple to fit the corner Put your puja unit in a free, empty space where it will fit just right. You may create a classy appearance by hanging a light and a brass bell in the nook over the temple. If you have a textured background for the scene, it will only enhance the aesthetic.

Secondly, How can I arrange my pooja at home?

A. Vastu Direction for the Pooja RoomThe north-east corner of the home is the optimum place for the mandir. When praying, make an effort to face either the north or the east. It is considered unlucky to place the pooja room next to a stairway or up against a bathroom wall.

Also, Which colour light is best for pooja room?


People also ask, Which colour is best for Mandir?

4th Pooja Room Vastu Color: Green Green is a sign of vitality, nature, and harmony—all favorable characteristics to bring into a place of worship. Additionally, the splash of color gives you just the proper amount of vigor to approach your meditation and prayer.

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Should pooja room be closed?

Science warns against purposefully elevating worship in this manner. Additionally, it states that as long as there is worship, there is no need to keep the doors open. It is claimed that the puja room’s doors may be closed with devotional care immediately after the puja is finished.

What is in a puja room?

The family’s deities, idols, and sacred books are stored in the Puja Room, which is only used for prayer, worship, and meditation. It is a holy chamber and the hub from which all uplifting energy flows into adjacent spaces.

Which god idols should not be kept at home?

In retaining the worship in the home, the idol of the solar deity Shani Dev should also be avoided. They should always offer devotion outdoors in the temples. Don’t place Shani Dev’s idol inside the residence. It is unlucky to have an idol of Rahu-Ketu within the home.

Which god image should be kept in pooja room?

In the pooja chamber, the images of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesh, Lord Indra, Suryadev, and Kartikeyan should be positioned towards east. Photos and idols of Lord Ganesh, Durga Maa, Bhairav, and Kuber should be positioned in the pooja room facing north.

Which god should be placed at home?

Vastu Shastra states that any goddess or deity’s idol or image should be placed on the wall of the east or north side of the house of worship. Never turn an image of God or an idol northward; else, the worshiper will turn it southward.

How can I arrange idols in pooja room?

The east and west corners of the pooja ghar should include the idols. The direction shouldn’t be north or south. As one should face either east or west when worshiping. On the north or south wall, no images of God or Goddess shall be shown.

Can pooja room have single door?

According to vastu, a pooja room without a door is harmful. This is due to the potential for a pooja room’s pious energies to wane in the absence of a door. Additionally, according to vastu shastra, having a single door is not recommended.

Where should god face which direction?

Experts in Vastu recommend placing the deity in the home towards either east or north-east. The idols or gods must be maintained a certain distance off the ground. The environment should be such that the worshipper’s face should face east and the face of God should face west.

Which light is good for mandir?

If you want to discuss about colors, white, sky, light yellow, or light pink should be utilized in the temple chamber instead of black, which is not allowed.

Which colour is lucky for bedroom?

The vastu hues for a couple’s bedroom are blue and green. When choosing bedroom colors according to vastu, it is ideal to keep the room bright and airy with calming tones that are easy on the eyes. According to Vastu, the color scheme for the master bedroom might be all-white with blue-colored furnishings and doors.

Can we keep salt in pooja room?

Keeper of Salt According to vastu, salt is said to be very fortunate. It may be used everywhere in the home and maintained in the corners since it emits cosmic energy. Just make sure it’s in a dish filled with water.

Which day is good for cleaning pooja?

Cleaning the Pooja Room and Pooja Saman is best done on Paattamai, the day after Amavasya. The ideal day to clean the Pooja Room and Pooja Saman is often Thursday.

What should be in front of main door?

One of the most significant Vastu recommendations is to install a nameplate. It is said that placing a nameplate in front of the entry or on the main door would attract success, money, and good health.

Why do we keep mirror in pooja room?

In Vastu and Feng shui, mirrors are referred to as aspirin. If properly positioned, they have the ability to double the riches and possibilities in life in addition to being very effective in repairing the problems in the home.

Can I do pooja at 12 pm?

Yes. Puja may be done whenever it is most convenient for you during the day.

Can we use glass in mandir?

Avoid using glass or acrylic for temple construction. The temple areas shouldn’t be congested, according to vastu shastra. It is considered unlucky for idols to have cracks or other damage when they are put in temples.

Should home mandir have doors?

The windows and doors of the puja unit must open towards the north or east. As you install the mandir in your house, be sure to position the puja unit so that its doors and windows face either the north or the east.

Which metal is good for pooja?

Therefore, one should choose natural metals like copper, brass, etc. It is acceptable to do a puja using objects made of gold, silver, copper, dirt, or clay. These objects may readily pick up good energy.

Can we keep 2 Ganesh idols at home?

One and only one Despite their beauty, Ganesha idols should only be kept in the house. Although it is a matter of personal preference, according to Vastu, having only one Ganpati murti is always preferable. According to legend, possessing two or more idols agitates Ridhi Sidhi and just negates their vitality.

Which metal is good for God idols?

You may get reputation by putting a silver Ganesha image in your home and frequently paying homage to it.

Which direction should a mirror be placed?

Never put mirrors on the house’s southern or western walls; only the eastern and northern walls.

Which side temple should face at home?



If you are looking to decorate a temple at home, there are a few things that will make it look like the real thing. These include candles and incense sticks, flowers and fruits, as well as colorful cloths.

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