How To Decorate Mandir At Home?

Similarly, How can I arrange my pooja at home?

The optimum site for the mandir in the home, according to Vastu, is the north-east corner. When giving prayers, make an effort to face north or east. It is deemed inauspicious to place the pooja room beneath a stairway or against the wall of a bathroom.

Also, it is asked, Which material is best for Mandir in home?

Material to be used: Sheesham wood temple designs are regarded the nicest and most auspicious for a home temple. Temples built of various woods are also available. Marble temples are also a popular material for mandir construction and are regarded acceptable.

Secondly, What should be kept in pooja room?

Keeping things in a puja room Make a small shelf near the temple to hold the five items that should be kept in the pooja room of the house: incense, puja materials, flowers, lamps, and holy literature. Avoid storing unneeded objects like dustbins under the temple. Nothing should be kept above the idols.

Also, Can we keep mandir in living room?

A tiny mandir atop a cabinet guards and protects the family and house from evil omen and negativity. You may make it a temple or a lovely decorating item for your living room; the option is yours.

People also ask, Which side should mandir face?


Related Questions and Answers

Can pooja room have glass doors?

While there are many possibilities for pooja room doors, pooja room door designs with glass and wood are the most practical.

Can we put marble temple in home?

For the residence, a marble temple or marble mandir is ideal. Marble temples are recommended by Vaastu specialists for residences. If money is not an issue, white marble is an excellent choice for creating a temple in your house. It is undoubtedly a costly material, yet it seems to be attractive, graceful, and well-kept.

Which colour is best for Mandir room?

The optimum colors for a pooja room, according to Vaastu Shastra, are: White. When you pick white for your pooja room, you take a step closer to the soothing place that connects you to the almighty. Yellow. The sun’s color, yellow, represents strength, optimism, and joy. Vermillion. Green. Black

Which light is good for home temple?

When it comes to colors, bright hues such as white, sky, light yellow, or light pink should be utilized in the temple chamber, but black should be avoided.

Is door required for pooja room?

The threshold through which holy energies enter into the rest of your house is the entrance to your pooja room. A vastu dosha entry will block the flow of positive energy. According to vastu, a pooja room without a door is harmful. This is because the pious spirits within a pooja chamber might decrease without a door.

Which god image should be kept in pooja room?

The idol and portrait of any goddess or deity should be placed on the wall on the east or north side of the house of worship, according to Vastu Shastra. If the worshiper faces the idol or representation of God to the north, the worshiper will face the south.

How can we keep God idols in pooja room?

The idols should be placed in the pooja ghar’s east and west corners. It should not be directed north or south. One should face either east or west while worshipping. God and Goddess photographs should not be displayed on the north or south walls.

Should home mandir have doors?

The doors and windows of the Puja Unit must open to the north or east. Make careful to position the puja unit in your house so that its doors and windows face north or east.

Which god idols should not be kept at home?

In retaining the worship in the home, the idol of the solar deity Shani Dev should also be avoided. They should always pray outdoors in the temples. Set Shani Dev’s idol outside the home. Keeping the Rahu-Ketu idol in the home is considered unlucky.

Which side should Lamp face in pooja room?

It is also OK to face east, but avoid facing north at all costs. Furthermore, while praying, you must face either the north or east side to maintain excellent Vastu for your puja area.

Can we face north while praying?

The deity face should be towards north-east, regardless of the direction your pooja room is facing. When worshiping, facing north-east, north, or east is considered fortunate, therefore put your idols appropriately.

Can we keep money in pooja room?

A currency box must never be seen from the bathroom, toilet, storage room, main gate, kitchen, puja room, stairwell, or basement because it is thought that all of the money will be sucked out if it is.

Which colour is lucky for kitchen?

Yellow. Yellow is an excellent feng shui hue for the kitchen since it indicates fire and is almost the right color for it. The color yellow is associated with wealth, plenty, and happiness in feng shui.

Is red light good for pooja room?

In the Puja Room, red bulbs should never be utilized. Idols should not be placed in front of the Puja Room’s doors. When opening or shutting the doors to the Puja Room, there should be no sound. Puja should be performed with your back to the East or North.

Can pooja room have skylight?

The pooja room has a skylight. Skylights provide a healthy environment in the house while also saving electricity. They give off an energizing vibe and let in more natural light and fresh air. This page has further information about skylight ventilation.

Can we keep Krishna idol in pooja room?

Rooms Where a Krishna Statue Should Never Be Displayed Never display a Krishna statue in a bathroom or bedroom. If at all possible, avoid rooms that have contiguous walls to these rooms.

Can we keep mirror in pooja room?

Mirrors should never be used in the prayer room since they greatly amplify the surrounding energy, and this is the space where you must sit and concentrate in complete silence.

Where should pooja room be kept in house?

The northeast, followed by east and north, is the best direction. If you’re building a new home and have control over where your pooja room is located, we highly advise you to avoid the basement or upper levels. Your mandir should be built on the ground level.

Can we use glass in mandir?

Make no temples out of acrylic or glass. The temple areas should not be congested, according to vastu shastra. The idols at the temple should be devoid of fractures or damage, since this is considered unlucky.

Can we keep 2 Ganesh idols at home?

a maximum of one Ganesha idols, as beautiful as they are, should be limited to one per household. While it is a personal option, Vastu says that having just one Ganpati murti is always preferable. According to legend, possessing two or more idols agitates Ridhi Sidhi and simply counteracts their vitality.

Which metal is good for pooja?

As a result, natural metals such as copper and brass should be preferred. It is acceptable to employ materials made of dirt, clay, silver, copper, or gold in a puja. Positive waves are readily received by these things.


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