How To Decorate Mata Ka Darbar At Home?

Similarly, What should we do in Navratri?

How to Spend Navratri Provide water. During Navratri, giving water to the Goddess is said to be exceedingly lucky. Wear clean clothing and keep your feet bare. Watch fasts. Decorate the Durga goddess. On Ashtami, do Kanya puja. Akhand Jyoti in light. Keep up Brahmacharya. Things to avoid doing during Navratri.

Also, it is asked, How can I arrange my pooja at home?

A. Vastu Direction for the Pooja RoomThe north-east corner of the home is the optimum place for the mandir. When praying, make an effort to face either the north or the east. It is considered unlucky to place the pooja room next to a stairway or up against a bathroom wall.

Secondly, How can I color my temple at home?

Light yellow and vivid blue provide a beautiful color combination for home temples to design your pooja area. To beautify the area, you might set up a colorful puja asan. According to vastu, the beneficial energy in your pooja room may be maximized by using a pyramid-shaped structure.

Also, Which side should God face at home?

Experts in Vastu recommend placing the deity in the home towards either east or north-east. The idols or gods must be maintained a certain distance off the ground. The environment should be such that the worshipper’s face should face east and the face of God should face west.

People also ask, What is diya decoration?

A diya is a little earthen lamp that is lighted only for diwali rituals and festive decorating. In diyas, a cotton wick is utilized, and ghee or oil is used as the burning fuel. Diyas come in many different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. The Diwali diyas are the festival’s main attractions.

Related Questions and Answers

What is thali decoration?

In Hindi, a puja thali, also known as a puja plate or a prayer plate, is a tray or big container on which all of the puja supplies are arranged and adorned. The puja thali continues to play an auspicious role in Hindu religious ceremonies, festivals, customs, and rituals.

How do do Navratri puja at home?

A bundle of mango leaves should be placed over the kalash’s mouth, and the pot should be covered. A coconut wrapped in red fabric should be placed on the lid with some rice added. Turn on the light and the incense. Give Ma Durga some flowers and use vermilion, chandan, and turmeric paste to adorn the image or statue.

Can we wash hair during Navratri?

It is not permitted to cut your hair or nails during Navratri. One is said to have to endure the goddess’ wrath if they do this since it angers her.

Which oil is best for pooja at home?

This beautiful blend of cow ghee, gingelly/sesame oil, coconut oil, castor oil, mahua oil, and additional special sandal oil is called Oneness Pancha Deepam Puja Oil. This will dispel the doshas and ward off bad spirits. This will assist one to relax and concentrate on their objectives.

Which god idols should not be kept at home?

Another thing to remain away from while doing worship in the home is the idol of the solar deity Shani Dev. They should always offer devotion outdoors in the temples. Don’t place Shani Dev’s idol inside the residence. It is unlucky to have an idol of Rahu-Ketu within the home.

Which god image should be kept in pooja room?

In the pooja chamber, the images of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesh, Lord Indra, Suryadev, and Kartikeyan should be positioned towards east. Photos and idols of Lord Ganesh, Durga Maa, Bhairav, and Kuber should be positioned in the pooja room facing north.

What should not be kept in puja room?

A residence shouldn’t have any God or Goddess idols that are taller than nine inches, according pooja room Vastu. Avoid storing images of God that are angry or have a connection to war in your home temple. Keep all of your godly statues in a serene, blessed position to attract good energy.

How can I arrange idols in pooja room?

The east and west corners of the pooja ghar should contain the idols. The direction shouldn’t be north or south. As one should face either east or west when worshiping. The north or south wall should not be used to hang images of God or Goddess.

How do I beautify my kitchen?

10 Inexpensive Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen hardware upgrade Use softer hues. Change the cabinet doors. Alter the illumination. Use visuals. Paint the stainless steel on your appliances. Include window coverings. Decorate the breakfast nook.

Can we use black for pooja room?

Black should never be used in the pooja room. It need to be completely avoided. Positive energy is diminished, and the area seems smaller and more claustrophobic.

Which colour granite is good for pooja room?

Yellow has long been revered as a holy color with spiritual significance, making it the perfect choice for creating a contemplative atmosphere in the pooja room.

Is Red light good for pooja room?

In the puja room, red lights should never be utilized. Idols shouldn’t be kept in front of the Puja Room’s doors. When the Puja Room’s doors are opened or closed, there shouldn’t be any noise. When doing a puja, face either east or north.

Can we use red light in pooja room?

Avoid the color red: Having the color “red” in your pooja room is another key factor that might nullify the beneficial effects of your prayers.

Can I face north while doing pooja?

This is due to the vastu of your pooja chamber, which forbids your idols from ever facing one another. The deity face should be towards north-east no matter which direction your pooja chamber faces. Place your idols in accordance with the direction of prayer since facing the north-east, north, or east is considered fortunate.

Can we keep God photos in bedroom?

Vastu Shastra’s well-established rules state that it is not advisable to display any sculptures or photos of gods, goddesses, deities, or religious gurus in the bedroom.

How do you decorate dishes?

The art of chef-style food plating Keep in mind that your plate is your canvas. Use the rule of thirds to arrange the food components. entice the eyes with eye-catching stimuli. Utilize the sauce to decorate your platter. To improve taste and look, garnish.

What is a puja set?

Pooja tray, bell, water pot, diva lamp, incense burner, jar for kumkum powder, spoon, Ganesh figurine, and Aum ornament are all included in the set. All product safety data sheets.

How do you worship Maa Durga daily at home?

Using Puja Vidhi, you may do Durga Puja at home. Put the Maa Durga statue or image on a high stool, or chowki. Put flowers on the altar that has been made for Goddess Durga, then scatter the other puja objects around it. In front of the goddess, place the clay pot with the soil, barley seeds, betel nuts, and currency on top.


Navratri is a Hindu festival celebrated by Hindus all over the world. It is also known as the “Festival of Lights”. Navratri is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. The celebrations involve fasting, prayers, puja and much more.

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