How To Decorate Shiva Lingam At Home?

Similarly, How can we decorate Shivling?

Since white flowers are said to delight Lord Shiva, you should only give them to Shivling. Every day after having a bath, you should apply a sandalwood tilak on the Shivling. It will maintain the idol’s calm and purity. Never present the Shivling with Tulsi leaves.

Also, it is asked, Which type of Shivling is good for home?

For home Pooja, the SMALL NARMADESHWAR SHIVLING is ideal.

Secondly, How do Shivling Puja at home?

How is Shiva Linga Abhishek performed? Respectfully set the Shiva Linga on your home’s altar on a metal or copper plate. Turn on the oil light. Water should be offered to begin the abhishekam. While conducting the abhishekam, recite Om Namah Shivaya or the 108 names of Lord Shiva. provide a tiny bowl of unpasteurized milk next.

Also, In which direction Shivling is placed?

It faces North because Mount Kailash, Lord Shiva’s home, is in this direction, which is also his preferred orientation. For this reason, placing a portrait of Lord Shiva in the home should face north. Applying an image in this approach produces favorable outcomes.

People also ask, Can Shivling be kept in Tulsi plant?

Tulsi or basil leaves Due to the fact that basil is also known as Laxmi, no basil leaves should be provided on Shivling. Lord Vishnu’s bride is the goddess Laxmi. Thus, the same cannot be presented to any other deity.

Related Questions and Answers

Why Shivling is not kept in home?

Hinduism holds that although Lord Shiva is very compassionate toward his worshippers, he may get enraged if the daily Puja is interfered with. The supreme perfection of Lord Shiva is well recognized. Therefore, he won’t put up with any errors, lying, or other unpleasant behavior. People are afraid to keep shivling at home because of this.

What should be the Colour of Shivling?

The toe of Lord Shiva is revered at this temple. Hundreds of visitors are drawn to the shrine by the shivling’s shifting colors. In the morning, it is crimson. By midday, the color becomes golden, and by night, the Shivling’s color turns black.

Can we put Haldi on Shivling?

Kumkum with Haldi (Turmeric) Haldi and Kumkum are presented to all gods, however Lord Shiva should never receive them. Shiva is regarded as a saint who abstains from earthly pleasures, and haldi is utilized as a component to improve attractiveness.

What is needed in Shiv puja?

A statue of Lord Shiva, a Pancha Dhatu or Ashta Dhatu idol, or a Shiva Linga. Datura, white crown, roses, Rajnigandha, jasmine, or any other flower are examples of pushpam. Obstacles: fruits (five or more varieties of fruits and bananas). Vilva (Bel Patra)

What does white Shivling mean?

Marble, White Shiva Linga: This white marble lingam is supposed to be very helpful for anybody who has suicidal tendencies. Worshiping it results in good mental transformations and eliminates any suicidal thoughts, hence reducing the impulse to try suicide.

In which plant we can put Shivling?

However, Shivalinga may be seen in many homes in Tulasi kota or at the Tulasi plant. As everyone is aware, offering Lord Shiva Maredu Dalamu, or Bilva Patra, is exceedingly auspicious. One of the Five auspicious leaves donated to Lord Shiva is even Tulasi.

Can we put curd on Shivling?

By pouring milk or water over the lingam or shivling, Shiva is honored during a Shiva Abhishek. Additionally, you may do Shiva Abhishek using materials like ghee, curd, honey, sandalwood, etc.; each of them has its own advantages.

What happens when Shivling breaks at home?

Please deliver this shattered Lingam to the closest Shiva Temple so that it may be kept alongside the main Shivalingam (moolavar). If they declined to retain it, please place it in the well, the temple pond (if water is present), or a river (if one is accessible) (if water is available in the well).

Can we offer milk to Shivling in evening?

No issue. Shiva may be worshipped in the evening.

Which oil is used for Lord Shiva?

Mahua Oil: This priceless oil is a symbol of riches production. The oil, also known as “Illuppai ennai,” is extracted from the Mahua tree and is claimed to invoke the blessings of Lord Shiva to help one become debt-free.

Why milk is offered to Shivling?

In the Mahashivratri puja, milk is prominent. According to Hindu tradition, Lord Shiva performed the “tandav” on a lucky night. The dance is said to represent the universe’s cycle of creation and annihilation. He is given calming substances like milk and honey to help him relax.

What incense does Lord Shiva like?

Apply Vibhuti or Bhasma and venerate the Shiva Linga with milk. By uniting your body, mind, and soul through focused meditation, you may best express your unwavering love to Lord Shiva. Purification of the Puja area is ensured by the holy and strong scent of Sandalwood agarbatti produced by reputable Sandalwood agarbatti producers.

What makes Lord Shiva angry?

Lord Shiva enjoys the company of individuals who share his own innocence. Lord Shiva could get enraged if someone attempts to undermine another person’s respect and dignity in society. He believes that trying to discredit someone is wrong. In his view, it is improper to propagate rumors and use falsehoods against other people.

Can pregnant lady worship Lord Shiva?

There is a definite hint that any woman, whether or not she is pregnant, should keep her distance from the god. Despite this, people still worship Lord Shiva all around the nation. For best outcomes, shout out loud (audible). How can one adore Lord Shiva?

What Prasad is offered to Lord Shiva?

Since panchamrit is cooked and presented to Shiva, it is said to be auspicious. Milk, honey, curd, ghee, and sugar make up its five constituent parts. All the ingredients must be combined in equal amounts to make the bhog.

Which day should we fast for Lord Shiva?


Who cursed Shiva as linga?

Bhikshatana killed Vishvaksena out of rage and then impaled the body on his trident, adding to his transgression. Kankala-murti is the name of the Shiva avatar with the corpse on his trident (“One with the skeleton”). Bhikshatana approached Vishnu’s home as Kankala-murti and begged for food.


Shiva Lingam is a Hindu god that is worshipped in temples. Shiva Lingams are traditionally made of black stone, but can also be made from other materials like wood or metal. The Shiva Lingam is the most important symbol within the Shaivite tradition and it is used as an object of worship in some temples.

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