What Kind of Home Decor Style Do I Have?

Trying to find your home decor style? Here’s a quiz to help you figure out what kind of style you have!

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There are many different styles of home decor, and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. To help you figure out which style best suits your needs, here is a brief overview of some of the most popular styles:

Contemporary: Contemporary style is all about clean lines and minimalism. If you prefer a sleek and modern look, this is the style for you.

Rustic: Rustic style incorporates natural elements into the design of the space. If you love the outdoors and want to bring a bit of nature into your home, this is the perfect style for you.

Traditional: Traditional style is all about classic elegance. If you prefer a more timeless look, this is the style for you.

farmhouse: Farmhouse style is a combination of rustic and traditional elements. If you want a homey feel with a touch of elegance, this is the perfect style for you.


Traditional style is often described as a mix of classic and antique design elements. Common furniture pieces in a traditional style home include sofas with rolled arms, wingback chairs, coffee tables, and bookshelves. Wall decor is often minimal and might include landscape paintings or portraits. Traditional style homes often feature hardwood floors and area rugs.


If you love mixing and matching different colors, patterns, and textures, and you’re not afraid of bold statements, then you probably have a bohemian decorative style. Bohemian style is all about being unique, creative, and colorful. It’s a popular decorative style for apartments and small homes because it doesn’t require a lot of furniture or decor.

Bohemian style is often inspired by different cultures, art forms, and natural elements. If you’re drawn to global patterns, textiles, and artwork from different cultures, then you might be interested in bohemian style. This type of decor is also usually quite eclectic, mixing different colors, patterns, textures, and materials.

One of the best things about bohemian style is that there are no rules. You can mix and match different elements to create your own unique space. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to decorate your home in bohemian style, here are a few tips:

-Add some plants: Plants are a great way to add color and life to any space. If you don’t have a green thumb, succulents are a great option because they’re easy to care for.
-Incorporate global elements: Incorporate textiles, artwork, and furniture from different cultures to add some global flair to your space.
-Mix and match Patterns: Mixing and matching different patterns is one of the hallmarks of bohemian style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and textures.
-Add some color: Bohemian style is all about being colorful so don’t be afraid to experiment with bold hues. Introducing some color into your space will instantly make it more lively and inviting

Mid-century Modern

Mid-century modern is a style of design that was popularized in the middle of the 20th century. This style is characterized by clean lines, minimalism, and a focus on function over form. Mid-century modern design is often considered to be a reaction to the excesses of Victorian-era design, and it remains one of the most popular styles to this day.


Scandinavian design is a minimal and function-forward approach to decor. This style is often associated with a clean, white aesthetic, but can also encompass more colorful designs. Patterns are usually kept to a minimum, and furniture is oftenplain and straightforward.


If you love the look of exposed brick, pipes and ductwork, factory windows and metal finishes, then you probably have an industrial style home. This design aesthetic is all about raw, unfinished elements that create a unique, edgy look. If you’re drawn to spaces that are a little raw and imperfect, then industrial style might be the right fit for you.


Rustic design is heavy on natural and neutral materials like wood, stone, and metals. The focus is more on function than form, and the goal is to create a warm and inviting space. This style is often found in cabins or country homes, but it can be adapted to any space. To get the rustic look, start with a neutral color palette and add natural materials like wood furniture, stone floors or walls, metal fixtures, and leather accents.


If you love the casual, relaxed feel of a beach house, you probably have a coastal decor style. This style is all about light, airy colors and natural materials, with a focus on comfort and relaxation. Want to bring a little bit of the coast into your home? Here are some tips:

-Choose light, airy colors like white, blue, and green.
-Use natural materials like wood, wicker, and seagrass.
-Include plenty of comfortable furniture for lounging.
-Add maritime accents like shells, sea glass, and seaside artwork.


Glam style, also sometimes called Hollywood Regency, is all about luxury, drama, and over-the-top embellishments. It’s a style that is often associated with celebrities and the wealthy. If you love to make a statement and to have people admire your home, glam style might be the right fit for you.

This style is based on opulence and usually features a lot of shimmering surfaces, like mirrors, glass, metallics, and sequins. The colors are usually either very light or very dark, with not much in between. When it comes to furnishings, think tufted upholstery, velvet fabrics, and antique furniture with gilded details. Chandeliers and floor lamps with glitzy shades are also a must.

If you’re planning on decorating your home in glam style, keep in mind that less is definitely not more. This is a style where more is more. So go ahead and indulge in those luxe details.


If your home is a mix of different styles, colors, patterns, and eras, then you probably have an eclectic style. This type of style is all about mixing and matching different elements to create a unique and personal space. To achieve this look, start by choosing a color palette and then mix different furniture pieces, textiles, art, and accessories from different periods. The key to making this style work is to choose pieces that you love and that have personal meaning to you.

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